Annual Assessment

The New Towne Homeowners Association is responsible for the collection of annual assessments as defined by Article V of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of New Towne Homeowners Association, Inc. The annual assessment fee schedule is as follows:

$25.00 PER YEAR – 

(HOA dues cover a variety of need-based items, including insurance, taxes, and our HOA management services (paid to Brownstone; Brownstone’s website details their services provided to Home Owners Associations). The dues also cover the cost of our sign maintenance (the sign is located at the entrance of New Towne and requires annual painting, weeding, flower replacement, etc.), web site maintenance, mailings, and community yard sale promotions. The fees also cover the cost of fun community events including the Annual Picnic, and the annual meeting. Additionally covered by the HOA fees: legal representation in the case where trials and court appearances might be necessary.
Our HOA status is required by the City of Lynchburg  because of how the neighborhood and community was developed. The State of Virginia has requirements placed on HOA organizations that we are required to follow (including the payment of taxes, for example). More information about required practices can be found by doing a simple search online, or contacting the Board (all members volunteer their time) at any of the options listed above.)

Please make all payments payable to the New Towne Homeowners Associations at the following address:

New Towne Homeowners Association
P.O. Box 12241
Lynchburg, VA 24506

A late fee as outlined in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions will be assessed for payments not received by the second Monday in January of the year due. If you have any questions regarding your annual assessment please contact us by using the “Contact Us” link on this website or at the address listed above.