NTHO Events

The New Towne Homeowners Association holds several annual and special events each year. Please refer to the “Calendar of Events” link for specific dates for the events listed below:

Annual Picnic

Since 2009 the New Towne Homewoners Association Board of Directors has hosted a picnic for all New Towne Residents to come together to enjoy family, friends, food, and conversation. The event has grown in numbers and size annually and is hosted within the New Towne community. We look forward to seeing you at the picnic!

Community Yard Sale

In 2011, the New Towne Homeowners Association hosted its first ever Community Yard Sale! This community-wide event will take place several times a year. Everyone is invited to participate by setting items you would like to sell in the front yard of your residence. Each resident is responsible for their own setup, take down, and payment of any sales tax from their individual sales/receipts. This is a great way to do some Spring cleaning in the community and meet other New Towne Residents. We hope to see you there!

Meet and Greet with the Board of Directors

Since 2010 the New Towne Homeowners Association Board of Directors has hosted an annual meet and greet with New Towne residents to allow them to meet the board members in a relaxed and informal setting. All New Towne residents are encouraged to join the Board of Directors for this gathering to share ideas, concerns with the goal of fostering and building a stronger New Towne community.

Annual Meeting

Each year the New Towne Homeowners Association holds an annual meeting as required by the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of the association. All New Towne residents are invited to attend this meeting and your participation and support is greatly appreciated. During the meeting a review of any significant business items addressed by the Board of Directors is discussed and residents are allowed to bring up any new business items that they would like discussed. Residents participating also make nominations for the Board of Directors and then vote/elect existing and new members to the Board of Directors.